With either of those two methods, users can get a capture of the full screen. Snipping tool was first introduced in the Windows Vista operating system. Since then, Windows has added no additional features apart from bug fixes.

Share it with your clients so they can view the PowerPoint slides even if they don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on their computer. Spreadsheets sometimes contain important financial information that should not be changed, or is confidential and is to be viewed by specific people, only. An advantage of using PDF instead of Excel is anyone can open it, even if they aren’t using Microsoft Office. Another advantage is it’s easier to print and distribute a spreadsheet. If you have access to Adobe, it’s best to use the steps above to convert your PDF back into a Word document. People receiving your document may not have the latest version of Microsoft Word, which means it’s possible the driver solution document can’t be accessed.

Once you have finished recording your video, they are saved by default to the Camera Roll folder. Note that though they use the word “game,” the settings should apply to any app you record whether it’s a game or not. Below, we’ll show you how to record your screen in Windows 10 or Windows 11, using both the Xbox Game Bar and OBS. If all you need is a still image, see our article on how to take a screenshot in Windows 11.

Besides, there are also screen drawing tools and a spotlight, you can mark anything on the screen while recording. Moreover, it also has a built-in video editor, which is embedded with many video templates and effects. Here’s a list of the key features of this Windows 10 screen capturing tool. The screen recorder tool does work in regular apps, but it still has some disadvantages. Not all actions on Windows 10 can be recorded by the tool. So before starting press the shortcut key to open the Xbox Game bar, remember to open the app you want to record at first.


Plus, there’s a screenshot tool available in this application. With this tool, you can make screenshot on your screen and do some editing jobs on the images. Open a screen which you want to capture, press the composite key of WIN key+Print Screen to record it.

  • After enabling the administrator user, you will see the user on the login screen.
  • Today we’re likely to explain to you how to have a screenshot in Windows.
  • N/B – To capture a screenshot on an iPhone, hold the home button, then press the power button on the side.

Click Next once you’re done, and then use any of the methods above to change the user account to an administrator. Windows 10 provides the Administrator accounts in order to administrator Windows 10 with extra privileges. The Administrator account can install hardware and software as well as access all files, manage users, operating system configurations, etc. This means not all users can have Administrator privileges which may be a security vulnerability. In this tutorial, we examine how to change the Administrator in Windows 10 operating system. By changing the Administrator a regular user may become an Administrator or an Administrator-level user may change into a regular user.

How do I delete old email addresses in Thunderbird?

Windows 10 has a built-in administrator account but it’s not good if it is the only account with administrator privilege in the computer. If we lose access to this account, then we won’t be able to fully manage the computer settings anymore. As a precaution, you can create another local account and grant it with administrator privilege. In the next section of this article, we’ll explain the steps to create local Administrator Account in Windows 10.

And as you might have guessed by now, ShareX has a bunch of features. Right from uploading files to online servers to simple annotation tools, it has it all. Plus, it also boasts a wide range of user-defined post-capture tasks.

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