The problem was that one treat turned into an every-night cocktail or glass of wine. By the end of the year, I was having several drinks most nights of the week.

Alcoholism Recovery Stories

He also talks about how surrendering his ambitions to pursue recovery first and foremost allowed him to eventually return to his career goals and have the success that he never thought possible. Again, professionally I excelled, but socially, I was completely isolated. I left my two friends behind and made no new ones. My wife had just delivered our fourth child, and I was distant from my whole family. I rarely participated in the children’s activities. My wife, who I believe was also unhappy, frequently left the young children with me for me to supervise while she went shopping or got together with her neighborhood friends.

The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober: Discovering a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Alcohol-Free Life by Catherine Gray

Very quickly, things began to fall apart for Brittany. She lost her job as a hospital housekeeper and could no longer afford her apartment. All she had left was her relationship with Steven and her dependence on drugs.

Alcoholism Recovery Stories

Connected Bonnie with behavioral health services at CODAC where she actively participated in groups, therapy, and received medication support to aid in her recovery. Pamela’s shared experience of overcoming challenges in life in recovery offered encouragement and hope to Edward.

Brittany C.

Anyone who has ever suffered from panic and anxiety might understand the allure of alcohol to help cope. That siren song eventually led to broadcast journalist Elizabeth Vargas to admit her addiction on national television. Hoping to make her dreams a reality, Michelle Tea recounts her awkward attempts to gain literary fame as she smokes, drinks, and snorts her way through San Francisco. She begins to slowly grow into a healthy, reasonable, self-aware, and stable adult. Her passionate writing shines as she tells of her often difficult relationship with money, her relationships, and more. But wherever that journey starts, these memoirs prove that struggle can lead to something beautiful and healing in the end. Finances were becoming an issue and having trouble working.

Why do moderate drinkers live longer?

In 2001, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health and Brigham and Women's Hospital have found that moderate alcohol consumption among people who have a specific version of a gene that metabolizes alcohol have a greater reduction in risk of heart disease and higher HDL (good cholesterol) levels (read story).

Then one night, I had to go out for dinner with my boss and some new clients we were hoping to land for a contract. This was a huge potential job, and my boss had already told me that I would be taking the lead. How this dinner went would determine if I was ready for a promotion. Brian’s alcoholism in college led him to drop out.

Why Do People Share Their Stories of Alcoholism and Addiction?

We asked Mary why she chose to share her powerful story with the United Brain Association. Mary first realized that her drinking was a problem at 22. A brain disease that can be caused by both environmental and genetic factors.

  • These included bus passes , support finding a job, and even permanent housing.
  • Together with her new partner, amazing daughters, and their combined families, she leads an incredible life and works hard in her community.
  • I think I really noticed a change, it probably wasn’t till the end of grade 12.
  • Years of trauma, loss and emotional and physical abuse left her feeling vulnerable and alone.
  • She had already beat alcohol in the past and there was nothing wrong with celebrating the birth of her child with some champagne, right?
  • Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was exposed to the pressure of fame at a young age.

Celebrities influence media and fans, but are exposed with unique stressors of fame, As a result, some turn to drugs and alcohol to nurse insecurities an anxieties this lifestyle causes. Below are inspiring stories of 10 individuals who have committed sober success stories to a life of sobriety and are now celebrating their own celebrity alcohol recovery stories. These alcohol addiction stories are also beneficial for the people speaking. They may find that telling the story offers them an opportunity to heal.

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